Thanks for visiting my website.  I am an Architect in the Cleveland, Ohio Area, currently holding licenses in Ohio, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

I specialize in Energy Efficient design with a Modern Aesthetic, and in gut rehab "flips."  I believe that energy efficient design is simply good design, and incorporate it into everything that I do.

I look at it this way:  Every month that you own your home, you pay out a given amount of your hard earned money. This money is split into many piles, but two important ones go to your mortgage company and to your utility companies.  Why not take some of that money that was going to go to the utility companies, and put it into the mortgage pile?  

This way, you get a home that has greater value and is of higher quality.  Additionally, the money that you move into your mortgage becomes fixed for the life of the loan, while utility rates fluctuate greatly.  Finally, moving money from utility payments to mortgage payments has positive tax implications.

Key Information:
  • Licensed since 2003
  • Certified Home Energy Rater (HERS Rater)
  • Purchase one of my model home plans, or I can work with you to design your custom dream home.
  • All my plans are certified as "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR."  To learn more, visit
  • All of my plans come with a projected HERS Rating, estimating the home's energy use for a "typical" American family in a "typical" year of weather for your specific climate.  (Assumed family size is number of bedrooms +1)