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Lakewood Master Suite Renovation

This client had recently purchased a home in Lakewood.  The home was just what they wanted, except for the master suite.  The idea was to convert an underused sunroom at the rear of the home into a master bedroom, and convert the existing master bedroom into a bath and second floor laundry area.
RWS met these goals by expanding the sunroom with a hallway addition above the new planned deck and pergola. The pergola structure was designed to support the new addition, allowing enough space for the new corrodor.  
The client wanted a full walk-in closet for the master suite.  This was done by taking some room from the smallest bedroom, which is only used for a crib for the grandchildern, so not a lot of space was required for that room.  This allowed us to install a spacious new closet.
HVAC was handled by adding a new Panasonic minisplit Air to Air Heat pump.  These units are incredibly efficient, and relatively easy and inexpensive to install as compared to reworking the existing HVAC system.