1. Historic Gut Rehab
    This Gut Rehab project was done on Cleveland's East side, in an historic review district. RWS was able to successfully rework the plan into a more modern, open design while keeping the charm of the original facade.
    Historic Gut Rehab
  2. Private Residence Addition and Renovation
    This client wanted to keep the bones of an old farm house on his property, and expand the size of the home by more than 100%. He also wanted to incorporate passive heating and cooling techniques in a well insulated building envelope.
    Private Residence Addition and Renovation

About the RenovationProjects

How does this all work?
Typically, renovations are done in several phases.  Phase I is to completely field measure and draw up the existing home.  Phase II is preliminary design, where we work out the new plan and elevations.  Phase III is Permit Drawing production, where I will provide all of the required documents to get the building permit from your local municipality.  Usually phases I and III are done with a fixed fee, while Phase II is hourly.  This is because different clients take different amounts of time to get to a design that they like.  Some people want to see all the options, while others have something very specific in mind.
Will you do Renovations anywhere?
Due to travel expenses and commitment to other clients, I only do renovation work within a 50 mile or so radius of Lakewood, Ohio.  (Near Cleveland.)
What additional services can be added to renovation work?
Site Visits: I can stop by the project during construction weekly, monthly, or whatever frequency you feel is appropriate for your project.  The purpose of these visits is to answer any questions that the contractor may have about the drawings, or how to handle some condition of the building that was only visible after demolition, and to give you peace of mind knowing that another trained pair of eyes are checking progress and quality during construction.  Also, even the most professional of contractors tend to pay more attention to a project if they know that someone is watching.

Energy Modeling: As a Certified HERS Rater, I can create an energy model of the home based on the design, and check the impact of options such as different windows, more or less wall insuation, or even a more efficient refrigerator.