Model Plans
Choose from one of our many model plans.  All plans come with the US EPA's "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR" label, assuring a higher level of energy efficincy for your home.  All home plans also come with the RWS Permit Guarantee.  If the plans as purchased do not meet the requirements of your local building department, I will add all additional information required to get you your building permit at no additional charge.  RWS plans also come with comprehesive schedules detailing out everything from bathroom vanities to light switches, to ensure a cohesive design throughout your new home.  For a minor additional fee, I will edit the schedules for any substitutions that you would like to make.  Model plans are designed to go on relatively flat sites, and on third party designed foundations.  I recommend that you hire a local structural engineer to design the foundation system, due to varitions in soils.
Custom Design
Want something a little more "you?"  We can work together to create your custom home, on your specific site.  Plans will still come with the RWS Permit Guarantee, and with the "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR designation.
Just bought a new home in the perfect neighborhood, but wish that kitchen were a little bigger?

Or, have you been planning to turn that unused attic space into a Master suite for years, but just can't figure out how the layout will work?

Or, Are you an investor looking to "flip" a foreclosure or estate home?  RWS has extensive experience working with this type of project.  

Due to travel restraints, renovation projects are limited to the Cleveland Area.